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We are a dedicated wedding design company that is always striving for the perfect wedding no matter the size or budget.

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  • Thank you so so much! We could not have had a better time. Our guests could not have had a better time. You made all of this possible. You made our dreams come true. We got everything we wanted and then some thanks to you! Words cannot express how happy and proud we are to have had you as our creator of this glamorous wedding. It took a lot of time and hard work, but your dedication and expertise got it done to perfection. You are so detail oriented by taking pictures and checking and double checking. Your suggestions were fabulous and they all gelled together to make things that much more stunning. You were on the ball in all aspects to make sure everything was perfect and it was. It was a long road but we did it and we were able to meet some fabulous people along the way. But best of all, we made great friends with you two and we will never forget that. Going out of your way to drive us to different venues and picking up stuff at the Cabo Villas after going through some more last minute things were things a friend would do. I know some people have their wedding and both parties move on forgetting the memories, but these memories will live on forever. Like we said before, you made our dreams come true. We cannot be any happier. We get choked up just thinking about how beautiful our wedding was.

    You're the best. We will always keep in touch and if there is anything we can do for you please let us know. We have already sent a few letters out, but we saved this for last because a lot of thought went into it. You mean so much to us because of all the love you gave us for our most beautiful day.

    Please say thank you to all the vendors for us. They were all instrumental in making the day better than we could have imagined.

    Thanks so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be back soon so hopefully we can get together.

    Love always!

    testimonials4 John and Nancy Buckley
  • "Illeana is one of those magical people who you meet in life that make you realise that their are people out in the world that contribute so much in making this big blue ball a wonderful place to live. In 2012 we decided to get married in Mexico. I am from Australia and my wife is from The Netherlands so being a halfway destination  for everyone to travel to with the bonus that it has a plethora of stunning beach locations it seemed like the right choice. We connected to Illena through positive recommendations and she did not let us down. Remotely via Skype and telephone calls she helped us create the wedding of our dreams. She helped us secure a magical beachside villa complete with its own waterslide, a great catering company that made food to our order (attempting Australian Meat Pies and Surinamese Soup for the first time they really nailed it), an excellent DJ and sound services, surprise fireworks, a birthday piñata, furniture, photographers, videographers, beach released lanterns … the list goes on and on. Every single vendor impressed us with their quality. Illeana knew what she was doing and was super connected. 

    Most importantly during our 4 day wedding bonanza Illeana was our support and I can honestly say we probably wouldn't have made it to the sandy alter without her being there. She helped us through pre wedding jitters at the rehearsal, organized a pre wedding meal at a great local spot, got the guys set up with some golf, the girls with a henna party and finally a Bollywood themed breakfast to top it all off. Every step of the way she held our hand to what was an emotional, stressful, fun, spiritual and ultimately seriously rewarding time of our lives. I can not recommend her services enough and all I can hope is that she can create the same happiness for you as she did for us.

    Luke Miller and Malini Sietaram
  • I can not say enough wonderful things about Romantic Cabo Weddings, Illeana.  We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversay by renewing our vows.  I contacted Illeana and told her my budget and what we were looking for.  She gave me options for everything from flowers, photographers, locations, etc and the pictures she sent me were exactly what we got, no surprises!  In fact everything Illeana did exceeded our expectations and I am a person that has very high expectations for things.  I wish I would have gotten married in Cabo with Illeana as our wedding planner.  It would have been a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.  Illeana took care of everything and always was on time for meetings and I did not have to stress or think about any of the details.  It was wonderful and I will never forget it.  Thank you so much Illeana!  It was and event I will never forget. 

    Nikki Hoff
  • Illeana was an amazing wedding coordinator! She had many connections to every vendor you would need throughout Cabo and plenty of experience working with many venues around town. Her contacts and relationships around Cabo are very important. She drove us around town to help run errands, set up transportation from the airport, and always kept us informed of any important updates. She even ran around town and bought items for our gift bags to save us time when arrived in Cabo before our actual wedding day.

    The day of the wedding, she was awesome! She was very calm which kept us calm and everything went according to plan She prepared a very detailed and organized schedule of wedding events that kept everyone on track and we couldn't have been happier. So many of our guests said that our wedding was the best they had ever attended and that everything went so smoothly. We have Illeana to thank for that!

    We would recommend her to anyone getting married in Cabo San Lucas!

    Travis & Graciela
  • I am writing this letter to recommend Illeana and her team as wedding coordinators in Cabo San Lucas.  The work that they did exceeded all of our expectations.  My wife did weeks of research trying to find the right venue, best photographer, where to buy flowers, arrange transportation and organize everything for our wedding day in Cabo in June 2012.  Thank goodness a colleague of mine recommended Illeana to us.   We thought that hiring a wedding coordinator would put us way over budget.  Much to our surprise, it was actually less expensive using Illeana to arrange everything for us and we got so much more than we ever would have if we had tried to do it all ourselves.  Not only was it less expensive, but the quality of everything was so much better than if we had done it ourselves.  She must have relationships with everyone in the wedding business in town.  There was not one thing that she organized for us where I feel that we could have negotiated a better deal on our own.  It was great to save on costs and receive high quality products, but that wasn’t the best part by far.  Once we contracted Illeana, she and her team took care of everything!  She sent my wife pictures of everything so that we could make the best decisions long before we ever left the States.  The fresh flower in the bouquets, table arrangements and boutonnieres were some of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen!   

    The wedding went off seamlessly.  Of course Illeana and her team were on time with everything prepared before we arrived and never rushed us in any way.  But I have to tell you a story that demonstrates the extent to which they go to make your wedding day memorable.  We decided to get married on the beach in Cabo in June.  Anyone who has been to Mexico in June knows that even at 6:00 in the evening its very warm.  On this particular day, the cool winds that typically blow off the ocean were nowhere to be found.  That’s great for pictures, but not so good for trying to stay cool in a linen suit.  After the ceremony, the photographer took the typical pictures of the wedding party and family and then took me and my new bride off for pictures by ourselves.  Not only did the photographer stay as long as we wanted and take literally thousands of pictures, Illeana and her team were constantly by our side, freshening my wife’s lipstick, bringing us drinks and cold towels to keep us cool the entire time!!   During this time, our family and friends weren’t bored waiting on us.  They were being entertained by live music while being served endless margaritas.  I would recommend Illeana to anyone that is considering getting married in the Cabo area.  She and her team take care of every detail, more than I could ever attempt to mention here and more than I ever thought that I needed. 

    Brian Butler


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